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Josh Rouse
Josh Rouse
The Happiness Waltz

Original Release Date:  March 19, 2013

Track Listing
  • 1. Julie (Come Out of the Rain)
  • 2. Simple Pleasure
  • 3. It's Good to Have You
  • 4. City People, City Things
  • 5. This Movie's Way Too Long
  • 6. Our Love
  • 7. A Lot Like Magic
  • 8. Start Up a Family
  • 9. The Western Isles
  • 10. Purple and Beige
  • 11. The Ocean
  • 12. The Happiness Waltz
  • Jim DeMain: Mastering
  • Jim Hoke: Flute, Saxophone, Sax (Baritone)
  • Brad Jones: Piano, Composer, Marimba, Vocals (Background), Guitar (12 String), Producer, Engineer, Overdubs, Vibraphone, Fender Rhodes, Mixing, Hi String Guitar, Piano (Upright), Hammond B3
  • Daniel Tashian: Composer, Vocals (Background)
  • Paul Niehaus: Pedal Steel
  • Josh Rouse: Guitar (Acoustic), Harmonica, Bass (Electric), Composer, Guitar (Electric), Vocals, Engineer, Vibraphone, Guitar (Nylon String)
  • Blair Daly: Composer
  • Robert Di Pietro: Drums, Drum Engineering
  • Paco Loco: Pedal Steel, Engineer, Organ (Pump), Hammond B3
  • Paz Suay: Art Direction, Design
  • Frank Riley: Booking
  • Allen Clark: Photography
  • Raul Fernandez: Piano
  • Paul Fenn: Booking
  • Matt Hickey: Booking
  • Xema Fuertes: Guitar (Acoustic), Banjo, Piano, Guitar (Electric), Vocals (Background), Tres, Fender Rhodes, Art Direction, Design, Wurlitzer, Guitar (12 String Electric), Guitar (12 String Acoustic)
  • Esteban Perles: Percussion, Drums
  • John Guindon: Trombone
  • Cayo Beliveser: Bass, Piano, Bass (Electric), Vocals (Background), Shaker, Bass (Upright), Vox Organ
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